Sirius Project

Residential – UK


We met this particular customer during a partner demonstration with one of our interior designers.  The customer wanted a dedicated place where they could spend more time together as a family.  After an initial consultation, the customer decided to turn their dining room into a dedicated Home Cinema.

The customer was keen to keep the trades under one umbrella and requested a turnkey solution from us.  They also wanted a system that performed just as well as it looked, but still be in keeping with the décor and interior as the rest of the house.

  • Client Type: Private Client
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Project Type: Cinema


We worked very closely with our customer on this project to ensure that the system we installed performed just as good as it looked.  We also wanted to maintain the same look and feel in the Home Cinema room as the rest of the house.  We offered the customer three, bespoke, turnkey solutions working on a Bronze, Silver and Gold basis.

The customer opted for the Silver Proposal with a view to upgrading to the Gold Proposal at a later date.  We always like to give our customers and their homes the room and the option to grow and expand.


From the very beginning, this was always a no compromise Home Cinema room and it had to perform just as beautifully as it looked.

And it did, we actually won an award for this project.

Being a turnkey solution we got to see this project at the very beginning right the way through to the very end.  We saw it in its worst state with cables everywhere, chunks missing from walls and a fog of dust we thought would never clear.  But we also got to see the finished result, a crystal clear projected image, a speaker system that sounded utterly amazing and beautiful interior that complemented the rest of the house.

The best part of any project for us is watching the customers face when they see their project complete and working.  For this customer it was pure pride and joy and they couldn’t wait to get in there to show it off and enjoy it.  The room is used on a daily basis and still brings them joy even today.


“We love this room.  We use it every day and could not be happier.  The service we receive is outstanding and we’re hoping to have a long-lasting relationship with AVA”




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