Apollo Project

Residential – UK


We were first approached by this customer as they wanted some information on a specific piece of equipment, but after a couple of tours around our showroom and a few extremely lengthy conversations, the brief was amended.

The customer now wanted a full smart home system with the main focus being on the lighting.  The project was to be pre-wired and future proofed, ready for more systems to be added in at a later date.

  • Client Type: Private Client
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Project Type: TV; Cinema; Integration; Lighting; Multiroom; Security; HVAC; Networking


Our customer on this project liked to research the technology we were introducing them to so naturally there were a great deal of conversations and consultations before we were able to provide the customer with any kind of proposal.  We also had to come up with a way of giving the customer everything they wanted without breaking their budget.

We ascertained that the customer did not want to compromise on their system, so we offered them two proposals.  The first proposal was for the whole hog, everything they wanted and desired.  The second proposal was for a pre-wired system.  This offered the customer the option of having the things most important to them be installed and commissioned now, with the remainder being pre-wired for installation at a later date.  The proposal was tweaked a couple of times before the customer settled on the pre-wire proposal.


This project was one of the best we’ve ever worked on.  We worked with and got so in depth with the customer that we became friends rather than acquaintances.

Because we were involved in all aspects of the project right from the very start, and the fact that we had to liaise with all of the trades, we saw this remarkable, yet humble building become a smart and intelligent, self-sufficient home.  We rode the highs and the lows of this project alongside the customer every step of the way and by the time it was complete we felt immensely proud of what we had achieved.

As soon as the last piece of programming was complete, the customer was using the system.  And, having kept in touch we know just how much pleasure the customer gets from having a home that they can control with minimal effort and seamless ease.






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