Staying on track

Smart technology is becoming more and more abundant and so it has never been more crucial to keep up to date with industry standards and regulations.  Cedia’s Director of Operations (EMEA) Matt Nimmons, recently outlined the importance of staying up to date with industry developments and highlights the latest standards that home technology professionals need to be aware of.

As products, services and industries evolve over time, professional standards also change and develop.  Over the last couple of years the rise of the Smart Home has seen a rapid increase and recent findings from Statista, the statistics portal, has found that the Smart Home market is expected to see a revenue growth of 57.4% by the end of this year (2016).  As smart technology does become more abundant and new products arrive to the market, the need for a Smart Home standard is crucial and here at AVA we believe in following and practising that conduct.

So what would happen if we failed to follow the standards?  It could result in quite severe consequences for us.  We could receive penalty charges, lose our right to continue to work within the industry and it could even result in business liquidation.  It is essential that we stay up to date with standards to ensure that we provide our clients with the best service possible.  To help provide us with certified credibility, Cedia offer official qualifications for passing industry skill tests and completing home technology programmes, giving our customers assurance of our skills and profession.

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Sky Q

The likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime have so far been leading the way for growth in the home viewing market and so to compete, Sky had to come up with something big to challenge them with.  Something like the “most advanced TV experience ever”.  An extremely daring claim to make in such a saturated market.  Sky have therefore reinvented their offerings.  Introducing Sky Q.  Sky Q is a brand new dedicated multi-room service; its fundamental objective is to allow “fluid viewing” via its dapper new box.

The new Sky Q box can store approximately 350 hours of programming and lets you record four shows at once while you watch a fifth.  It will allow you to store programmes on your phone and tablet for when you’re out and about, plus, you can press pause in one room while the program carries on playing in another one.  That in itself is quite remarkable.

Is it really that good though?

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