Future-proofing your home

When it comes to future proofing your home, cabling infrastructure and data racks are an integral and arguably the most crucial component in any Smart Home as it’s the back bone into which all other equipment is connected.  Without the correct infrastructure in place all of the multi-media applications and integration of high end technology becomes messy, time consuming and a costly affair, something we’ve seen on many occasions.

The installation of cables is definitely not the most glamorous part of a Smart Home project but it is so important.  At AVA we believe in taking pride in the invisible aspects of a project as much as the visible.  We have become quite obsessive about our wiring and if we’re blowing our own trumpet we have some of the neatest racks and installations.

We don’t install our cables and racks this way just because we’re crazy.  We work in this way to make things simple and easy for everyone and to cater for every possibility in the future.  None of us want to have to deal with confusing and messy cables if we’re installing a new piece of technology.

Unfortunately, there are companies in the Smart Home industry who see cabling infrastructure as a necessary evil, who install their cables with no thought whatsoever to presentation and integration.  We have visited multi-million pound houses where we have found cables hanging out of the walls and strapped across the room with duct tape.  Even worse, they had no rack, the cables came straight from the wall and into the equipment.  It was an atrocity and it took us weeks to re-wire the project and put everything together properly.  Having dealt with the aftermath of this on a few occasions we cannot stress enough how important it is to ensure that you choose a smart home company with a reputation for quality and pride.

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